Lots of knitting projects

Apr. 7th, 2019 10:33 am
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Wow, lots of things since before Christmas, mostly small.

Three hats! One of these was bartered to my niece in exchange for an art project, which we settled on being a picture of a cat on [personal profile] fearless_prime 's suitcase, so that we can tell it from the infinite number of black suitcases on the luggage carousel.   (Original idea from brother in law Dave, who has a black suitcase with white handprints, like Saruman's orcs).  And two chemo hats, one funny and  one, well, less elegant than I might have liked, because I always forget that Malabrigo is a little uneven.

White  knit hat with ears Grey crochet hat embroidered to look like the Death Star Knit hat with light green cabled trees and darker green leaf borrder


One pair of socks for the Christmas pile:

Blue knit socks with a diagonal lace pattern

Two Yip Yips.  [personal profile] marleigh wanted one for her door for the Joco cruise - and there were something like a dozen of them scattered around doors throughout the ship - and then Eon wanted one too.   They are ridiculously fast to make - the yarn is a bulky fuzzy thing that other people have described as "knitting with unraveled Muppet" so it's easy to turn it back into a non-unraveled Muppet again.

A fuzzy pink bag with googly eyes and antenna A fuzzy blue bag with googly eyes and antenna

Then a couple of accoutrements for [personal profile] fearless_prime  - fingerless gloves for Ingressing in winter, and a cowl-scarf thing with fun colorful yarn. 

A diagonally knit cowl in color-shifting yarn Jerry wearing the color-shifting cowl Fingerless gloves in red and yellow yarn, with a delicate twisted stitch pattern

karafun report

Apr. 6th, 2019 09:54 pm
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Some people were interested in karaoke setups. I thought I would write about I found out.

I got a iKaraoke KS780-BT Bluetooth CD&G Karaoke System and used the karafun service. Most likely you just need the karafun service and something for people to feel like they're singing into a mic. We very much got the private room karaoke feel, which was awesome. (I have a cheap "party" bulb which helped.)

Karafun has a 2 day party pass for $6 which gives you access to a nice collection of songs. While they didn't have everything I could possibly want, I felt like I had as good a selection as Doremi had (though not sure about the foreign language songs.) There did seem to be some pretty large holes (like no radiohead, for example, which they have a note that they're dealing with copyright issues with it. This might explain why some of the songs I thought they had disappeared.) I really liked how they let me sample songs before I gave them any money and had free songs with which I could set things up.

You can give your guests a URL and then everyone can search karafun and add songs to the queue with their name attached. This is a win over the private room set up, since people know who put the song in. The one down side is that the queue reordering seemed broken and only barely worked, but even having some control was a big win.

I used it with the chromecast, which did exactly what I was hoping it would do, which is audio and lyrics on the TV and lyrics still on the tablet with the ability to control start, pause, volume levels, pitch and tempo.

While strictly I don't think one needs the machine, it does do what I want. I could switch to CDG if I wanted fairly easily, it takes two mics, has echo and fancy lights. I do wish the volume control on the mics was separate and had more control. It also has a tablet/phone stand, which word well.



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